Built-in services

Instead of re-writing over and over the services i use most often, i prefer to leave the generic part (e.g. a db connection and driver) already available inside theresources.services package.

Here is the list of what i am trying to inject for the first release:

  • Rethinkdb: nosql json + joins + changefeed @beta
  • Neo4j graphdb @inprogress
  • Uploader @inprogress
  • Irods virtual resources @todo
  • Elasticsearch @justadraft

Neo4j Graph database

To add this service to your APIs you need to follow some steps:

1 - Add the graphdb container

Inside your YML file you must add the official neo4j docker image:

    image: neo4j
        NEO4J_AUTH: neo4j/chooseapassword

2 - Link the graphdb container to your backend

    image: pdonorio/py3api
    command: ./boot devel
        - mygraph:gdb

IMPORTANT: the linked service MUST be called gdb!

3 - Import the service inside your python file

from ..base import ExtendedApiResource
from .. import decorators as decorate
from ..services.neo4j import migraph

class MyAPI(ExtendedApiResource):

    def get(self):
        result = migraph.cipher("MATCH (n)")
        return self.response(result)

Note: Importing the service you will create a graphdb connection.