An introduction

Project motivations

I have been working off Flask for a quite time now; and since Python is a language about being better (also a better you) i am trying to rewrite my base work in a cleaner way.

Should i use this?

I think this repo would be usefull to fork if you are planning to write a project where you know you want to use Flask as REST API endpoint somewhere.

  1. First you could write mocks for your interface to test
  2. Then implement them with whatever you want as background middleware e.g. FS (irods), graphDB (neo4j), whatever

Ideal scheduling

  • A scratch mock as generic as possible
  • Add as soon as possible few design patterns: logs, configuration, etc.
  • Fork this repo for an advanced and generic REST API
  • Add cool stuff (admin dashboard, app DB ORM, queues, workers, etc.) Note: i am up to here

What it will be based on

  • Flask (obviously)
  • Jinja2 templating
  • Flask Cors
  • Flask Restful plugin (even if evaluating Flask Classy, also)
  • Flask Security Simple RBAC + OAuth tokens + encryption + user registration + Login + Principal
  • Flask Admin interface

Still to be added:

  • Plumbum
  • Flask-JWT
  • Tracestack
  • Mail
  • Flask Cache
  • Flask Uploads
  • OAuth2?
  • Alembic? migrations for SQLalchemy

Help needed

The project was created during spare time and since i needed to go directly to the main part i wrote no tests, and i regret it.

I am no expert with unittest or nose, help would be much appreciated. Also JWT and OAuth2 are two security aspects i think that should be covered, but again i have almost zero experience on both.

If you like this project considering writing functionality with Pull Requests. Thank you.


Paolo D'Onorio De Meo

Code and documentation copyright: Paolo D'Onorio De Meo @2015.

Code released under the MIT license.